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PORTLINE BULK INTERNATIONAL operates mainly in the Supramax and Ultramax segments with respectively 11 and 7 vessels, although also managing a Japanese built Capesize of about 176,000mt DWT.

Closely following the chartering market, PBI offers the most competitive rates and results, by its flexibility and efficient analysis of the market trends.

Being able to perform either  long, medium or short term fixtures, PBI also operates on Time-Charter trip basis, profiting of the market fluctuations to insure a better return.

Insure the right crew combinations are set up on board the vessels, for better response to challenges and accrued efficiency.

PBI has a team of skilled superintendents that assist their designated vessels on periodically basis, to make sure that all situations are covered and under control.

Invest in permanent technical maintenance  on ships and adequate training of crews.

Another Ultramax NB will be added to our fleet, a 63,000 DWT IMABARI with delivery in October 2019.